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About Nappy_3700

From Gary, Indiana

Nappy_3700, an American rapper/lyricist and songwriter, was born to Denise Wilson and Steve Jordan at Mt. Sinai Hospital on the south side of Chicago. His mother worked at an insurance company and wanted to pursue a better life for herself and her 3 sons which included Cory and his older brothers, Cortez and Chauncey. Denise and the boys moved to Evanston, Illinois at the young age of 4 years old. They remained in Evanston until Cory was 12 years old when his mother passed away on Eve of Christmas, 1997. After dealing with losing his co creator so unexpectedly, Cory was then taken care of by his grandmother, his mothers mother in Maywood Illinois.

Illinois didn’t seem to be the best place for a grandmother to raise a young man considering Cory was heading down the wrong path. She uprooted the family and moved them south to Charleston, South Carolina, closer to family. After a life changing dispute with a close relative in South Carolina, days before Cory’s 18th birthday, he made a life changing decision to move back to the midwest and chose Gary, Indiana to be closer to his first cousins and family near Chicago, Illinois. Shortly after being in Gary, a close friend gave him the name, “LIL NAPPY.”

After earning street credit/respect Lil Nappy started pursuing his rap career and became one of the most well known rappers throughout Gary, Glen Park, Merrillville, Michigan City, East Chicago, and Chicago. He is known in Gary by G.U.G.K “Gary Underground King.” Lil Nappy has maintained his reputation as a stand up guy even in the tough streets of Gary Indiana, but in June 2019, he was charged with murder and agreed to plea out reckless homicide. After his release in June of 2020, in which he left prison during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and in good standings, he was eager to get back home to his family and back on his musical incline. Lil Nappy is still fighting for his dream and has recently removed “Lil” from his name. After humbly serving time and receiving even more respect in the streets that have always shown him more love than hate, he is now NAPPY_3700 and is due to release his newest music soon! Be on the look out world. It’s up there.

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